Admissions Open for Academic Year 2023 - 24


Pre-Primary Dept

We focus mainly on their fine motor & gross motor skill training. Activity based learning enables students to comprehend actualities. Celebration of all festivals irrespective of the religion ensures the students to be secular in their thoughts and views. Special days like colour days & fruit days are also celebrated.

The theme called ‘Monday Menu’ is the highlight as all students bring the same kind of dish & fruit on Mondays. Guidance on eating etiquettes are also taken care of.

Field trips to botanical garden & to get to know our community helpers help the students understand how the society actually works & eventually the societal manners develop in them.

Primary Dept.

A clear cut clarity on the objectives of learning new languages & other subjects are shown through subject enrichment activities. Introduction to new languages at an early stage increases fluency & confidence in the students. Subjects like EVS opens a new door for them into the world of Science & Social. Value education plays a vital role in this age where the child learns to be expressive in his/ her thoughts. Smart &Easy mental calculation in Abacus enables & supports the child in everyday Math.

Middle school

Teaching techniques and methodologies of core subjects are highlighted three demonstrations, experiments and outbound activities. Students learn reasoning skills & higher order thinking skills. A hands on experience on subject help them achieve their objectives in learning that particular topic. Life skill coaching in this stage emphasises mainly on respect to elders, being obedient & showing empathy. Their active mind is channelized to various intra-school & inter school competition.

High School

This is an actual spring board to have their innate talent as they venture out for higher secondary education. Theoretical and experimental learning go hand in hand. Various career counselling sessions are conducted for this age group so as to guide them in choosing the course of their choice.

“Self-responsibility” is the main area which is taught through value education.

They hone their critical thinking skills & problem solving skills in subjects like social, mathematics & science.