Admissions Open for Academic Year 2023 - 24

Welcome To Candour5 Education Academy

Candour5 Education Academy believes in Didactic teaching, Heuristic learning, Pedagogical methods & Principles of teaching, balanced curriculum and SEA’s and interdisciplinary study to enhance the finer skills of the students.

Candour stands for trustworthiness and the numerical 5 stands for the 5 elements of nature.

The 5 elements represent Vayu, Jal, Agni, Aakasha & Prithvi.

We encourage our students to be quick as the wind (Vayu), to be subtle as water (Jal), to be broad minded as the vast sky (Aakasha), to be humble as the earth (Prithvi), to have an unquenching thirst for knowledge as the fire (Agni).

Registrations are open. Admissions will be based on entrance test and interaction.

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